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Talk about crypto stuff, personal development, entrepreneurship, travel experiences, and things that inspire me! Whatever you do, do it with love and passion!

Servus, my name is Lukas. I am from Tyrol / Austria and have been dealing with the topic of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and co daily for over 6 years. On Medium and Youtube, I combine knowledge from business and technology, paired with the most diverse, philosophical approaches about the world of cryptocurrencies.

I have always been a young rebel who stands for his opinion and takes responsibility for it. The time aspect has always played a big role in my life-both as a student and now as a freethinker and entrepreneur.

After my development over the last 5 years as a…

As the Bitcoin price and the rest of the crypto market are primarily driven by technical analysis and the wealth of charting software available, the order book is a powerful tool to gauge the probabilities of market direction.

The reading of buying and sell demand in the order book is called “order flow.” This can help day traders who are scalping the market to improve their profitability.

But order flow also helps all types of traders to identify spoof orders outside of day traders. Especially in a market that is notorious for fake volumes

“Spoofing” is a practice in which…

Will Bitcoin payments for micropayments soon be possible on Twitter? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned in a tweet that it is only a matter of time before Twitter implements Bitcoin’s Lightning technology.

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits that blockchain technology offers them. For example, it seems that the short message service Twitter now also wants to offer a micropayment option based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin payments of great importance for payment service provider Square?
Dorsey is not only responsible for Twitter but also for the payment company Square. …

Positive Cardano news for ADA fans. As Ethereum’s number one follower, Cardano (ADA) can now look back on another important success: The first smart contract test on Alonzo has been successful.

Work on integrating smart contracts into the Cardano network is in full swing. The first test run on Alonzo was completed. The smart contracts could be fully rolled out as early as September if the work continues to go according to plan until then. Recently, there have been repeated postponements in the development.

Nevertheless, the ADA course has been able to record enormous growth this year. At the beginning…

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

All people use money. Mostly without thinking about what money is and who it benefits. It is simply an illusion and is used for fraud.

Money is used for the exchange of goods and services

Almost all people today use the money to exchange goods or services. For example, a manufacturer of machines gives his workers money for his work. He can use the money to buy bread from the baker. The baker takes the money to the butcher and gets sausage there. To produce the sausage, a machine is needed, which the butcher buys from the manufacturer. Thus the circle of money is closed.

But ultimately, every purchase remains…

Cryptocurrencies are currently more hype than ever before. Especially the forefather of all coins and tokens, Bitcoin, is keeping the scene busy. The reason for this is probably the rocket-like rise in the price since its release in 2009. In the course of the article, I will show you how you can additionally profit from the rocket-like rise of Bitcoin.

Despite some setbacks on the way to prices beyond 50,000 US dollars and the current correction, Bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The media echo that the coin generates correspondingly high.

Unfortunately, the media often emphasize…

According to a study, just over a fifth of Australians prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies rather than conventional asset classes.

Confidence in conventional forms of investment is declining worldwide. In particular, falling interest rates on savings accounts lead more and more people to look for alternatives. These include shares, real estate, or, for some years now, cryptocurrencies. Increasingly, cryptocurrencies are also being used to buy other asset classes such as real estate.

Kraken study on cryptocurrencies as a form of investment

The crypto exchange Kraken has now conducted a study that examines the popularity of Bitcoin and Co. as a form of investment. …

Photo by Execution on Unsplash

The Ethereum blockchain is best known for its ability to support smart contracts. This makes it possible to use more than just one cryptocurrency on the blockchain, as is the case with Bitcoin, for example. Developers, entrepreneurs, and organizations can also use the Ethereum blockchain to provide their own use cases, payment methods, cryptocurrencies, or apps in the blockchain.

In most cases, the basis for the use cases are tokens. These are objects in the blockchain that can be exchanged, traded, and also sold. Tokens can also be created themselves and used for their own purposes.

Tokens and cryptocurrencies in Ethereum

The cryptocurrency Ether (ETH)…

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

Many people are predicting a rising or falling Bitcoin price. The Winklevoss twins are even more optimistic than many other people and still predict a price of 500,000 USD in this decade.

The Winklevoss twins caused a stir when they accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of intellectual theft. They claimed that the idea for the social network had come from them and that Zuckerberg had copied it and put it into practice. The twins not only won in court but also made headlines as early Bitcoin investors.

“Bitcoin is Gold 2.0”

Since then, the twins have been among the most popular Bitcoin investors. Among…

Matic Network, now Polygon, the ultimate framework designed to improve interoperability between the Ethereum blockchain and compatible networks, has seen a surge in popularity recently.

It has been driven by an impressive 26,700 percent increase in the value of its native token MATIC since the beginning of 2021.

Is MATIC Network an investment recommendation? Check out our detailed MATIC coin forecast to determine if the token deserves a place in your investment portfolio.

What is Polygon Network and MATIC?

Formerly called Matic Network (rebranded in February 2021), Polygon is a layer 2 network. It aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability problems and improve interoperability between its blockchains.

Lukas Wiesflecker

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