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Talk about crypto stuff, personal development, entrepreneurship, travel experiences, and things that inspire me! Whatever you do, do it with love and passion!

Servus, my name is Lukas. I am from Tyrol / Austria and have been dealing with the topic of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and co daily for over 6 years. On Medium and Youtube, I combine knowledge from business and technology, paired with the most diverse, philosophical approaches about the world of cryptocurrencies.

I have always been a young rebel who stands for his opinion and takes responsibility for it. The time aspect has always played a big role in my life-both as a student and now as a freethinker and entrepreneur.

After my development over the last 5 years as a…

The first stablecoin in the Polkadot and Kusama network will be Tether. With the launch of Parachain Statemint, there will be a direct connection to Tether stablecoin USDT. So far, the launch of StateMint has not been scheduled, so there is no fixed date for Tether's integration either. Polkadot’s sister network Kusama will serve as a playground to test the networks' compatibility, as Tether’s Chief Technical Officer Paolo Ardoino announced in an interview.

“We’re continuing to look at Kusama,” Ardoino said. “Kusama would theoretically allow us to experiment with supporting Tether on Parachains even before Statemint is officially live.”


The Ethereum blockchain is limited in the number of transactions per second. This inevitably leads to high transaction fees when the load is high, which paralyze the network. This circumstance is currently reviving alternative networks such as the Binance Smart Chain.

In 2015, Ethereum revolutionized the crypto market with smart contracts. From then on, it was possible to program decentralized applications directly on the blockchain. This progress forms the basis for today’s Defi applications. It took almost five years until the first Defi hype and the broad attention of the crypto community. …

The Cardano ecosystem could soon get an on-chain liquidity solution with the launch of this new protocol.

The Cardano ecosystem could see a massive expansion of its on-chain liquidity with the launch of OccamRazer, a decentralized funding platform and liquidity solution tailored specifically to the network's needs.

The platform has the potential to be a similar success story to what other Launchpad solutions have already done this year. This could dramatically improve Cardano’s (ADA) position in the market.

Cardano’s slow development process comes to an end

Cardano is notorious for its slow development and bootstrapping processes. The slow but steady progress is deliberately accepted to guarantee the security…

Let’s try to imagine what will happen in 2031. What will be in our wallet in ten years?

Predicting the future is not easy. However, given the current developments in payments, money, and crypto, we can think of some likely scenarios.

The future of physical wallets

What will we have in our wallets, purses, and pockets in 2031? I think still a mixture of banknotes and cards, but with small changes.

Cash. The banknotes we have today will still be in use. There will probably be less than today, but we will use cash in the future for less tech-savvy merchants or anonymous transactions.

Hybrid banknotes


“The company says it is “the first tool we have as a society to trade ‘social clout’ as an asset.”

There’s been a lot happening in the crypto world as of late, with creators finding new ways to monetize digital assets. Cryptocurrencies, pumped up by tech billionaires, have recently seen major gains, and NFTs have been embraced by the art, music, and gaming worlds alike.

Enter BitClout, the most recent addition to the blockchain boom, which has dubbed itself “The Crypto Social Network.” In its own words, BitClout says it allows users to “speculate on people and posts with real money, and it’s built from the ground up as its own custom blockchain.” …

Ripple (XRP) has surpassed $1 for the first time in 37 months after Ethereum (ETH) gave momentum to major altcoins.

The price of XRP surpassed $1 on Tuesday for the first time since March 2018, bringing its market valuation to around $47 billion. Moreover, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the global market has broken out against Bitcoin (BTC), creating new momentum for Ripple’s cryptocurrency from a charting perspective well.

XRP price rally mainly based on technical indicators

When XRP was still trading around $0.75, cryptocurrency traders noticed that XRP’s market structure had taken on bullish traits.

Cantering Clark, a cryptocurrency derivatives trader, said XRP had all the technical components…

New All-Time High for the Number 1 Altcoin

Ethereum (ETH) broke through the US$2,000 mark again this week. Besides, the number 1 altcoin reached a new all-time high. Reason enough for an extremely optimistic mood among traders. They foresee some price jumps for Ethereum in the short term. The number 2,500 has also fallen in the analyses.

If some analysts believe, the first USD Coin transaction by VISA on the ETH network was probably the trigger for the renewed break out of the psychological 2,000 US dollar threshold. …

The engine of a large ship broke down, and no one on board could fix it. So the shipping company hired a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience to find the fault.

He checked the engine very carefully and found a fault. He took a small hammer out of his pocket, tapped on a certain spot, and solved the problem with it. With that, he fixed the engine, it could be restarted, and the ship could set sail again.

The mechanical engineer later presented his bill to the shipping company:

He charged €20,000 to repair this large ship.

In the two years since UniSwap’s inception, the decentralized exchange has solidified its position as a mainstay in the DeFi space. Along with this, its protocol design in and of itself has become a standard from which many projects have derived its mechanics. SushiSwap has embraced the fact that everything is open source at UniSwap.

SushiSwap considers itself to be the next evolutionary step. Starting with the elegant core design of Uniswap, they have added community-oriented features to help improve the design of the protocol and provide further benefits to the stakeholders involved. …

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